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Nóta 009 13/10/23

Nóta 009 – 13/10/22

Flu vaccination forms: Flu vaccination forms have been given to each child in the school. Please return by Monday 16th October. Vaccinations will take place in the school on Tuesday 21st November 2023.

Adult Fitness Classes: Tighearnan Harmon, a past pupil in our school, has set up his own fitness and wellbeing company. He will be taking classes for adults in the school a few evenings per week. Call him if you’re interested on 07895 566784.

Visit from Library for R5 /6 / 7: The library will be visiting the school on Tuesday 17th October to read some stories to get children excited about books, reading and libraries. Membership forms will be available on the day.

Cinema – ‘WOLFWALKERS’ –R 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7: A reminder that children from Rang 3 / 4 and Rang 5 / 6 /7 will be attending ‘WolfWalkers – an Irish Language Screening in the Odeon Cinema on Thursday 19th October at 10.30. Children will be leaving the school at 9.45 a.m. Outdoor coats must be worn. A small party bag is permitted. Cost is: £3.00 each child.

Halloween Break: The school will close on Friday 27th October (at 12 noon for the Halloween Break. There will be NO dinners and NO Cumann Iarscoile on Friday 28th October ) and will re-open on Monday 6th November. Children can dress up on Friday 27th October and have a small party bag. Please remember the importance of sensible footwear / no high heels.

Swimming: Rang 5 will be going swimming this Wednesday coming. Please ensure that your child has swimming gear and a towel.

Healthy Breaks – I cannot believe the amount of money some of our parents continue to spend on food for breaks and lunches. Recycle the water bottles (annual saving of around £190) and buy a banana or apple (annual saving of around £110 for some of you). Also, stop believing that your wee star doesn’t eat this or that – they’re playing you and you’re paying!!

… and remember that for your child, five minutes of quality time with a parent / guardian is better than an hour with any teacher! So, when you land at the school to collect them, have the phone off and in the pocket. End of lecture.

Late arrivals in the afternoons … we appreciate the courtesy calls but please do not feel that you must call us to say that you’re stuck in traffic in York Street or that you are running a few minutes late.

WORK EXPERIENCE … Thanks a million – we were proud to have another two former pupils, Bláithín and Lacey, with us this week on work experience. They learned a great deal from the children in R5-7 and I am sure that the week will have been a memorable for them. We are so proud of them both and wish them all the very best in the year ahead.

Firework & Sparklers’ Season – please remind your child not to lift empty firework cartridges from the ground at this time of year. Also, sparklers have set children’s costumes on fire and/or scarred people for life. Enough said on that point.

Times tables: (R5-7) If you want a tip on helping your child in Maths, help with the times tables … do it the way we did it ourselves in school – by rhyming them off.



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